Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Development Continues

As development of Call Connect comes closer and closer to the end (or at least the initial release) blog posts and such should become more frequent. It's amazing how little time you can end up having in a week, especially for me as I am working full time.

It's been an interesting journey up to this point and one that we'll hopefully be able to flesh out in more detail once Call Connect gets released. The one thing I can say about the development now is that we left widespread play-testing way too late in development and it has caused us to extend the development time as we've been making changes to incorporate the feedback we've been receiving.

It's largely been to do with the help and the basic understanding of what to do the first time you play. So from that we've been implementing an in-game tutorial which should hopefully alleviate any confusion with what the player needs to do in the game. It's funny, because once you get the basic flow of connecting and disconnecting a call down then the game is easy to understand and that initial challenge is all but forgotten, but because it is different to most games on the iphone there is a bit of a hurdle to implant that understanding. This has probably been the biggest lesson learned from the development in terms of the player experience.

It really gives you an appreciation for the design of games with much more complex gameplay mechanics and how they're able to teach you how to play in a seamless way. This will definitely be the biggest thing on my mind going into future projects.

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