Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Beginnings, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Blog

Hello everyone!  We are Walk Through The Clock, a youthful pairing of game development muscle and finesse about to make an imprint on the gaming landscape, or something.  We are Greg (art and design) and Shaun (programming) and plan to use this blog as a means of detailing our game dev failures, victories and experiences in general.  That, and perhaps the odd rant about tram inspectors and the ever increasing cost of a latte in Melbourne.  Posts will feature a mix of the technical and the creative, plus general musings on the world of game development, a world we love so much we'd marry it if we could.

We are currently working on our first title, an iPhone game called Call Connect.  We can't reveal too much about it just now (mainly because it isn't done yet!) but we'll put up some screenshots and perhaps a video of the little guy in action.  We'll throw in a few words about our development experience to date and go through the mechanics of this fairly atypical game.  In the meantime, check our website link on the sidebar over there; you can follow our rants and raves via the ubiquitous Twitter and the dreaded Facebook.

Until then, this is hello, and our motto:

"Through glass and wood and cogs and springs, step inside; we'll show you things..."

P.S. By things, we mean games :)

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